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Playlust serves the fine art of pictures, words & Instagram happiness

Photography, writing, art, cutting-edge style, catching what’s now & wow – why choose?

It all began with a simple question and a new take on «Wanderlust». Founded in 2007 by Saint Martins fine art educated writer & photographer Play Hunter, Playlust was the first portal to put the style avantgarde in Switzerland on the international radar. The unique mix of wow people and razor sharp copy immediately hit a nerve, gained worldwide reach and launched a career: playgrounds soon expanded to Paris, London and Rio, leading to art shows, columns, diverse international assignments and the photo book Now & Wow

Today, Play Hunter focuses her laser on the art of visuals, words and bespoke Instagram for Business strategies. Her clients include collectors, publishers, media, brands and professionals moving in contemporary art, fashion, creative industries and communication. Ms Hunter is based in Zurich, the perfect place for morning swims in the river.

Play Hunter, June 2016, Playlust.net

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