June 23, 2016, MODEL CITIZENS



Everything looks better in Hyperlapse. Especially Art Basel. The hypnotic speed of the Instagram app caught the crazy hustle & bustle during Art Basel’s preview days bang on. For best effect, and autoplay mode, view the clips on desktop or laptop. For the deluxe full screen experience, click on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the clips.

Starting off the tour-de-force that is Art Basel preview days, we joined the crowd at Liste Art Fair Collector’s Preview. The Dubai gallerist mastering the fine art of sales-talk was a first highlight (see clip above). But overall, it was a case of too much, too many people, too much. Watch out for cameo appearances by Beatrix Ruf and Beda Achermann in the clip:


Art Unlimited Preview Night: The pulse races, the adrenaline flows. Hall 1 is bouncing. The noise is deafening. As Liberace put it: «You can never get too much of a good thing». My iPhone agreed, falling in love with Michael Xufu Huang. The 22-year-old collector and co-founder of Beijing museum M Woods wore a sharp green jacket and, occasionally, a handbag which looked like a goldfish bowl.


Ever fancied stepping right inside Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut & 2001 A Space Odyssey at the same time? It turns out, a lot of Art Unlimited goers did. Such was the popularity of «The Collector’s House« (2016) by Hans Op de Beeck, long queues formed. For the recreation of the titular’s lounge, everything, down to the piano, the dog and the fags, was cast in grey plaster. This is a wet art dream frozen in time, a bit like Pompeii.


I love CCTV cams and CCTV cams love me I thought while shooting 12 ‘trained on the public’ predatory surveillance recording me inside Zoom Pavilion (2015). The real-time facial recognition installation by Rafaello Zano-Hemmer & Krzysztof Wodiczko is a hard-to-resist mirrorball playing equally to generation selfie and anti-surveillance advocates. You’re watching me, watching you. There’s no escape. Deal with it.

Catching First Choice people looking at Wolfgang Tillmans‘ New York Installation PCR, 525 (2015), a mix of editorials work and photography featuring activists from around the world, was both zen and odd.

That’s it from me. I leave you with The State of Contemporary Art: those who are out want to get in and those who are in want to move up. Choose your revolving doors wisely. Au revoir und Auf Wiedersehen. See you next year.

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