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How I get ready
To function, I need a shower and coffee. I have kids. Getting them ready is a challenge: “Don’t put the knife in the toaster. No, you don’t want banana feet.” Taking care of everybody else doesn’t leave me much time to look after myself.

My beard routine
…is practically non existent. I roughly have my beard and hair trimmed once a year, otherwise I can’t eat food. Running a start-up I am so busy I tend to I forget about grooming; in the minimalisation of your own being your hair gets maximised. The good thing is there are all these nice new barbers to go to. They take care of me. It’s a destressing experience, like going to the spa. And you get gin tonics.

What makes me instantly happy
I am kind of a happy guy. I attack all negative things coming my way with happiness. I need to solve problems as soon as I stumble upon them. Striving to overcome challenges makes me happy. Doing things makes me happy. As soon as we do something we get rewarded by our body, it’s an emotional reaction. I think retirement will never happen.

My worst nightmare
Sitting on the sofa all day long, doing nothing in a perfectly functioning world without sound would be terribly difficult to endure.

My passion
Doing things that don’t exist or function yet and uncomplexing them. It can go to extremes: I am currently building a factory for the production of household cosmetics at Bucheggplatz in Zurich.

Aesthetic pragmatism
In design, I prefer light pragmatism. People always talk about minimalism, but it can be unfriendly. If you look back at Bauhaus, much of the design was rather bulky. From a living perspective, you want a longterm relationship with the objects that surround you. At Soeder, we try to do products you need. Our philosophy is to strip down things to their bare minimum while keeping them light and friendly. In wood for instance, we work with angles. In textiles, we reduce seams and patterns for a classic look. When you work with good materials you have the luxury of having to design less.

My favourite sound
I really like birds. I think they make the nicest sounds.

Watering can operator: Kalle Westbom

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