November 12, 2016, ART & SHOWS



Plants are a new focal point and unfurling obsession. I regularly hunt Zurich’s streets and botanical gardens for verdant beauties, rare succulents and overlooked local lushness. There are plans to turn the best plant art into limited edition prints. In the meantime, enjoy the edit below and follow my forays on Instagram


Monstera Monstera

Symmetry Botanicals No3 (Giant Interlocking Monstera Deliciosa Leaves) ©Play Hunter I



Symmetry Botanicals No2 (Garden Leaves In The Garden Of Villa Tobler) ©Play Hunter I


Cactus or Alien?

Cactus Or Alien? ©PlayHunter I


Leafing Las Vegas

Leafing Las Vegas I © Play Hunter I


Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay I © Play Hunter I


Neo Neo Neolloydiaconoidea

Neo Neo Neolloydiaconoidea I © Play Hunter I


Behind The Green Eyed Monstera

Beauty From Behind I © Play Hunter I

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© Play Hunter